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General Terms and Conditions

Munich International School of Arts UG (limited liability)

All prices are flat rate and charged per month.
A school year at the Munich International School of Arts lasts 12 months.

Trial lessons can be arranged by request at a cost of 15,-€ (children and adults). If a contract is signed, the price for the trial lesson will be added to the first fee. No lessons are held during school holidays (with the exception of special holiday block seminars or master classes) or on public holidays and other school-free days. The registration fee for a first registration for music lessons, dance lessons, language lessons and liberal arts courses is 25,-€. For home visits, a flat transportation fee of 35,-€ will be charged per month.

If a student misses or cannot attend a lesson, the teacher is not required to repeat the lesson at a later time or date. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, the teacher is not required to wait until the end of the lesson. In both of these cases, the fees for the lesson must still be paid. In the course of a school year, the teacher may cancel the lesson three times due to illness or other important reason without having to repay the fee or reschedule the lesson. Thereafter, the student must be offered replacement dates for each additional default or be refunded the lesson fee accordingly. In the absence of the regular teacher, the lessons may also be held by a substitute teacher, even if this is arranged at short notice. We additionally reserve the right to exchange the subject teacher during the school year. There is no entitlement to a particular teacher.

Lessons may be terminated by either party and without cause within the first two months. The termination must be in written form and will end the contract at the end of the month in which it is submitted. Thereafter, the contract will continue to apply until 31st August and renews automatically for one year if not terminated three months prior to that date. Termination during the current school year is not possible. The termination must be in written form. The lesson fees will be collected by direct debit at the beginning of each month. No other method of payment is possible.

If school concerts are held, participation is optional. Participants will be charged a registration fee to cover the expenses of the concert. Participants will be advised of the amount of the participation fee in advance. There is no obligation to attend the school concert.

If a student stops attending lessons after the expiration of the two-month probationary period, without giving notice of termination by the end of the school year, the entire amount for the remaining months up to and including August will be due in one sum. In the case of a termination at the end of the school year, which is submitted within the mandated notice period, contributions will continue to be collected until August. Classes can be continued until the end of the school year.

Those who want to change from one instrument to another in the following month (for example, from violin to piano or vocals) can do so up to the middle of the current month. Your existing contract then automatically applies to the new instrument. Students are required to treat the instruments with care. Students may be charged for damage to instruments.

For secretarial costs, 10,-€ per pupil will be collected at the beginning of each school year.
Each individual subject requires the completion of a separate contract form.

2-lesson cards are valid for 1 month, 4-lesson cards are valid for 2 months and only once. Lessons booked using a 4-lesson card are to be cancelled at least 6 hours prior to their starting time, otherwise the appointment is considered expired. If no lessons are taken for 4 weeks in a row, one lesson of the 4-lesson card will expire.

The tuition fees can be adjusted moderately if necessary in the purchase of the existing contract to the economic situation.

Deviations from these rules and additional agreements must be agreed in writing in order to be valid. Should any of the prior stipulations prove invalid, the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions continue to apply.

Differing terms and conditions for the courses and master classes:

Notwithstanding the general terms and conditions, degree programs and master classes may, in part and by agreement, take place during the holidays. Here, free trial lessons or a free trial day may be available by appointment. The registration fee for these study programs is 150,-€. The monthly tuition fee per program amounts to 535,-€.

The tuition and registration fees will be collected on the 1st of the month by direct debit. The participation fee for special workshops, block seminars, master classes will also be collected in advance by direct debit. The prices for special workshops, block seminars and master classes are announced separately.

Students are required to follow the study program and to take the exams. The fee for final examinations for regular students is 150,-€. For external examinees the examination fee is 185,-€.

Foreign pupils and students pay in a 3-month rhythm per trimester. The initial registration fee for foreign pupils and students is 300,-€.

* All information without guarantee. Munich, prices as of 01.07.2023