Department of liberal arts

Department of Liberal Arts


Tutoring for school subjects both in group and on an individual basis can be booked here. Drawing and acting lessons for children and adolescents to develop their personalities and interests complete our program.

[NEW] Online courses in all subjects

for mini groups (6 students)
60 min per week

Price per month:
89,00 Euro

Acting Classes

for children
for teenagers
for adults
Acting and stage performance for singers and dancers

Our world is a great theatre and we are all actors on its stage, as a great director once said. The art of acting is the art of expressiveness, of self-interpretation, and the pleasure of performing in a piece with fellow enthusiasts. This course is aimed at all theatre lovers who want to test themselves as actors and want to get on stage, whether large or small, young or old.

Group size:
10 participants

Price per month (group lessons) *:
48,50 Euro (45 minutes per week)
97,00 Euro (90 minutes per week)

Price per month (private lessons) *:
83,00 Euro (30 minutes per week)
112,00 Euro (45 minutes per week)
135,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)

Intensive Block – Acting Lessons

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a MISA Certificate of Attendance.

Intensive Block:
5 hours in a mini group
(Date by arrangement with the lecturer)

Price (group lessons) *:
185,00 Euro (1 day)
342,00 Euro (2 days)


For those who draw to relax, whether complete beginners or artists looking to perfect their drawing skills, this is the course for you. All participants from large to small, regardless of their level and ability, are individually and intensively supervised by the lecturer in group or individual lessons.

Group size:
10 participants

Price per month (group lessons) *:
97,00 Euro (90 minutes per week)

Price per month (private lessons) *:
135,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)


Seminar goals

The aim of the seminar is to reduce stress more easily and to increase positive self-influence. Special techniques for self-control and concentration for the better absorption of the information and learning content and the increase in performance. The seminar consists of a large number of exercises that can be implemented directly. Efficiency, creativity and serenity are increased.

You can find lost money, not lost time. 

Target group

The seminar “Positive thinking and coping with stress” is aimed at specialists and executives from business enterprises of all sizes and branches as well as from public administrations.

Seminar times:
Day 1: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Day 2: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
and by arrangement with the lecturer

Program content

  • Special techniques for relaxation, self-awareness and stress relief
  • Positive thinking
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Auto suggestion techniques
  • Influencing mood through “mental training”
  • Increase intuition
  • Introduction to relaxation techniques
    • Autogenic training
    • Mental training
    • Muscle relaxation
  • Overview of short relaxation methods
  • The art of slowness and its effect on wellbeing
  • The place of rest in the imagination
  • Music relaxation
  • Transfer and implementation in practice

Maximum number of participants:
9 people

Seminar fee:
780,00 €
(plus VAT.)

Seminar language:
German or English

* All statements without guarantee. Prices as of 01. Juni 2020.