Degree Program Musical

Degree Program Musical

[NEW] Online courses in all subjects

for groups
60 min per week

Price per month:
89,00 Euro

Dance, music and drama united in one discipline

The interdisciplinary study in drama, music, dance conveys the necessary and basic practical and theoretical knowledge and skills of the profession musical performer. The effective study program requires a high level of attention, commitment, energy and stamina while maintaining a rigorous learning rhythm. The discovery of the talents, the perfecting of individual abilities and inclinations and their promotion in group and individual lessons are objectives of the lesson.

Price per month *:
485,00 Euro

The study program includes:


  • Singing with voice training in private lessons and in choir
  • music theory
  • music history
  • Musical instrument of your choice
  • accompanist


  • Classic ballet
  • Modern contemporary dance
  • Jazz dance
  • Hip Hop
  • body workout


  • Concentration, perception of body awareness (learning with symbolism, associations, introduction to different techniques – especially Stanislawski and Chechow)
  • Improvisation (childhood memories, partner scenes, fairy tales, everyday situations without and with text)
  • Text and body work / speech training (scenic reproduction of a prose text)
  • Acting role work (monologue and dialogue, partner scenes)
  • Different approaches to characters (language and body)
  • Text studies (working with scripts and scenes from the literature)

During the course, students will take part in various theater and musical projects on professional concert stages.

Duration of study: 1 to 3 years depending on previous knowledge and ability to learn. Degree: Final examinations and MISA diploma.

The program includes both group lessons and several individual lessons per week.

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