Dance department

Dance Department


Some of our students, who are passionate about learning and enjoying the art of acting, require creative skills to practice their craft. Physical control and expression can be studied both in private lessons as well as in small groups.

In addition, we not only offer dance lessons, creative movement classes and ballet lessons for children and teenagers, but also Pilates and yoga for different age groups.

[NEW] Online Dance classes and Workshops

(of your choice)

for mini groups (4 – 6 students)
60 min х 1 per week

Price per month:
89,00 Euro

10 Class Vouchers

As an alternative to the monthly payment of tuition, we have recently begun to offer practical 10 class vouchers. These can currently only be used for private lessons.

10 Class Vouchers

10 x 30 minutes
285,00 Euro

10 x 45 minutes
345,00 Euro

10 x 60 minutes
425,00 Euro

Early Years Dance

These classes involve playful, child-oriented preparation for future ballet lessons. Regardless of the abilities of the child, the goal is to introduce them to dance and grant them a better awareness of their bodies. Our teaching is focused on rhythm, musicality and control of the body. We give our all to awakening your child’s motivation, diligence and joy, but also to recognizing and promoting their individual talents.

The courses are held in two age groups: from three to four and a half years and from four and a half to six years.

Group size:
6-10 children

Price per month (group lessons) *:
48,50 Euro (45 minutes per week)

Price per month (group lessons) *:
97,00 Euro (90 minutes per week)


Ballet (Amateur)

The ability of the human body to tell a story with music and dance and without the need for words is as old as humanity. Even as an adult, one can learn the noble movements to music in the art of ballet, and can use them to express the innermost dreams and feelings of childhood.

Ballet for Children

In childhood and adolescence the art of ballet is the pure awakening of the imagination and of the musicality, where the training of harmonic movements is built upon self-discipline and enthusiasm. The pedagogical support of our experienced and prudent dance teachers is of great value when beginning one’s dance education.

Ballet for Professionals

These intense and creative ballet lessons are ideal for students who are on the path to professional dance. Combined with strict discipline, they are the best preparation for future artistic challenges.

Character Dance

This particularly spirited and energetic dance style, rich in movements from various international folk dances, is a fascinating facet of classical dance.

Group size:
6 – 10 participants

Price per month (group lessons) *:
48,50 Euro (45 minutes per week)
97,00 Euro (90 minutes per week)

Price per month (private lessons) *:
83,00 Euro (30 minutes per week)
112,00 Euro (45 minutes per week)
135,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)

Price per month (two lessons) *:
47,00 Euro (30 minutes per week)
61,00 Euro (45 minutes per week)
77,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)

Price per month (Pas de deux – groups of two) *:
47,00 Euro (30 minutes per week)
61,00 Euro (45 minutes per week)
77,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)

Intensive Block "Live your dream"

For those who have always wished, but have never dared. For three hours in a group, date by arrangement with the lecturer.
Course contents: Special exercises to improve posture and for specific muscle groups, typical ballet exercises, relaxing and improving:

Group I (absolute beginners)
Group II (children over 8 years and adolescents)
includes more demanding exercises and choreographies
Group III (participants with previous knowledge)

Price intensive block “Live your dream”:

135,00 Euro (1 day)
225,00 Euro (2 days)

Ballet Barre: The whole body work out

The whole body training à la Hollywood partly combines ballet movements with the workout on the ballet bar.

The term “barre” means “bar” in French. Because parts of it are about exercises for which you hold onto a pole to support yourself – in order to be able to keep your balance well. In the one-hour Ballet Barre Workout, you first of all train your legs. Ten units would be the minimum to be able to determine a “before / after” of your own fitness.

Where does Ballet Barre come from?

Training times:
Saturday 10 a.m.

(or by arrangement with the lecturer)

Trial training:
15,00 €

10 class Voucher
(Valid for 4 months)

Ballet Barre, however, combines two other influences. The influence of cardio training can also be clearly felt. This endurance training is aimed at burning fat.

It is only important that the body is cohesive and regularly stressed. Another influence on Ballet Barre is Pilates training. Here, strength exercises alternate with stretching exercises. The aim of Pilates is to activate as many muscle groups as possible in the middle of the body – especially those with a supporting function for the spine.

What is ballet barre training made of?

Ballet Barre is therefore an approximately one-hour sequence of movements. It brings endurance through continuous processes and burns fat. Typical of Ballet Barre are flowing movements that are performed slowly and then faster. This promotes endurance and is easy on the joints. By the way, you don’t need any dance or ballet know-how.


Ballet Barre is a workout that strains the whole body, including deep muscles.

It is well suited to shape the figure in a targeted manner.

One focus is on footwork. The butt muscles are thus shaped and defined.

In addition to building muscle, fat burning is activated, endurance is trained and posture is positively influenced.

The body coordination is trained sustainably.


Yoga is a meditative and effective way to escape daily stress and constant tension. The meditative forms used in yoga focus not only on mental contemplation and concentration, but also on physical exercises and breath training. It is a body-centred psychology of relaxation that anyone can learn and use.

Lessons bookable for a minimum of 2 months. After 2 months you may extend for 2 further months, etc.

Group size:
6 – 10 participants

Price per month (group lessons) *:
98,00 Euro (90 minutes per week)

Price per month (private lessons) *:
83,00 Euro (30 minutes per week)
112,00 Euro (45 minutes per week)
135,00 Euro (60 minutes per week)

* All statements without guarantee. Prices as of 01. juni 2020.